Sissu is a small town in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh. Also known as Khwaling, Due to the proximity to Atal Tunnel, every year thousands of tourists visit this place. Hiking, trekking, camping, day trip and stargazing are some of the most common things to do in Sissu. Situated on the banks of Chandra River in Lahul Valley, Sissu is a tiny beautiful hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. Located just 40 KM away from Manali.

This beautiful village is the base for the three famous regions of the Himalayas – Lahaul, Spiti, and Ladakh. The pleasant weather conditions, surrounding magnificent glaciers and traditional Himachali culture attracts tourists from all around. The beautiful dense plantation of willows and poplars trees on both sides of the road makes it a perfect place for a road trip in Himachal. It is one of the magical places that give you the inner peace which everyone craves in the modern world. The beautiful tranquil surrounding, picturesque landscape and pleasant weather of this place leave you awestruck and force you to love this place. Especially, during winter when the snow covers the entire landscape that makes you feel like you’re on the moon.

Sissu In Autumn

From September to October, you can enjoy the autumn season of Sissu when the leaves start falling off the trees and the entire landscape turn into a magical wonderland.

Sissu In Winter

For snow lovers, winter is the ideal time to visit Sissu when the temperature can drop down into minus in January with lively snowfall.

Sissu In Summer

Summer is the time when this village poses with the green landscape of Himalaya’s mountains.

Places to visit in Sissu….

*Sissu Lake
*Sissu Waterfall
*Gyephang Temple
*Trekking & Hiking
*Star Gazing
*Experience Hostel stay

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