lush green landscapes and spectacular waterfalls amid pine forests. The place also has best trekking routes with glorious view of Great Himalayan ranges if you are looking forward to see the destination includes all these Yes Yes definitely Yes Jibhi is the beautiful place or destination having all in one.

The village of Jibhi is one of the unexplored places in the state of Himachal Pradesh located in Tirthan valley. It is located at an elevation of 1600m, 51250 ft and 70 km from Mandi. Tourists can enjoy this place away from the crowd, and commercial contribution.

Tourists experience snowfall almost every day in the valleys with amazing shots on camera. The Tirthan River flows between the villages that give an ancient touch to it. The majority of homestays and hotels are constructed with wood so that the rooms remain warm.

Malta trees are present in the backyard of every locale’s house. Some of the terrains in this village are meant for trekking. Now, it is considered as one of the hills stations with its fascinating nature. You will remain forever grateful to Himachal Pradesh after visiting this place. Jibhi valley is appealing with ancient temples, dense forests and tranquil valleys.

Jibhi Waterfall

Jibhi waterfall is one of the immaculate places to spend time in Jibhi, Himachal. Tourists enjoy a peaceful walk to reach this waterfall. Your heart will skip a beat by listening to the sound of the waterfall hitting the hard rocks.

Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is an amazing tower constructed with wood and stone in the middle of the Chehni village in Jibhi valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Tourists can visit this place easily from Tirthan valley in short timing. You can walk up to the tower because driveways are not present; the high terrain of valleys makes the place delightful from the top.

Great Himalayan National Park

Jibhi is incomplete without the collection of wide varieties of flora and fauna in the Himalayan national park. You will not find anything artificial in this place because everything is natural. A vast array of fish is also present here.

Raghupur Fort

The Raghupur fort is a popular historic place in the state of Himachal Pradesh that served as a hiding spot from intrusions. Tourists enjoy the thrilling walk to reach this forest amid the dense forest for about 3 km, sumptuous oak trees encompass the trekking route from Jalori pass.

Jalori Pass And Serolsar Lake Trek

The Jalori pass trek is a famous trekking route in Jibhi. The route of trekking connects the way to Raghupur fort. It takes you to the beautiful serolsar lake on top of the pass.

Jalori pass trekking is accompanied by enthusiastic forest road, breathtaking waterfalls and mesmerizing valleys. Make sure to take a tour guide with you because they have experience with the rich culture of the trekking route.

Shringra Rishi Temple

Shringra Rishi temple is a popular tourist attraction in Jibhi, visited by thousands of people. The temple is situated in the middle of a forest surrounded by oak trees. This brings out the glorious view of the temple amid the flowers of the forest.

Jibhi is safe and secure to visit in all seasons with friends or families. It is full of homestays, hotels and government tourism centres. Couples can also spend quality time beside the waterfall or sunset at the crystal caves. Generally, the best time to visit Jibhi is April to June. However, for persons who loves snow November to January is the best season. Trekkers avoid the monsoon and winter season due to bad weather conditions. Spring and summer months are safe for them. You can also find solo trekkers in the fields of Jibhi. Jalori pass is the famous trekking spot in summer months.

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