26 Kms away from Manali Charming & Pleasing location, The name of the village, Gulaba, is derived from the first Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Gulab Singh, who was also the founder of the Dogra Dynasty. The delightful village has computerized system to ensure good tourism management. The authorities at Gulaba hill station have strive to provide lot of facilities to the visitors. There are some cafes and restaurants which provides facilities for food and beverages. Also, you can rent different equipment’s such as skis and other equipment’s which are required to enjoy the winter sports at Gulaba. People can also rent special clothing which is required for the skiing.

Also another picturesque village-like Gulaba is the village of Kothi, known for its amazing gorges. In addition to that, you can also find numerous natural geothermal springs emerging from the rocks here. Kothi boasts many scintillating sights, along with those of the Kothi Gorge which is perfect for shutterbugs. One of the best things about this village is that it is still quite idyllic and tranquil, along with nature being unspoilt. It is also a great destination for paragliding enthusiasts.

Must visit Gulaba, Kothi, Rohtang La ,Marhi when you are at Manali.
But here I specially want to to describe my feelings for Gulaba.